V Canto is inspired by the most enchanting love story ever written: the love for deep, authentic roots and homeland. For over 700 years, the Terenzi family has lived near the Gradara castle, one of the most impressive in Italy. No less than the great Dante Alighieri devoted a chapter of his Divine Comedy to this magical place, namely the story of Paolo and Francesca recorded in immortal verse. These verses form the basis for our creations: Precious, unique fragrances that contain all the medieval poetry and stories of passion, love, sins, virtues, and vices but, above all, true humanity, as told in the artistic, suggestive fragrances of Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi. It is a work of excellent artistic quality that represents an emotional olfactory journey through the history of human nature. Fragrances manifest our innermost tendencies, the desire to explore our deepest selves through the suggestive power of scent. The aroma becomes an epic travel companion, like the one that led Dante through the streets of the soul to show us what we are or are becoming.

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