Ein Boucheron Parfum Visual

An irretrievable moment that takes your breath away and makes your heart beat faster with excitement. The moment when a precious jewelry box is opened for the first time. In which the most precious jewels let their brilliance shine and touch the skin. For more than 150 years, the name Boucheron has been synonymous with exceptional pieces of jewelry and extravagance. Founded in 1858 by Frédéric Boucheron at Place Vendome in Paris, the company initially produced only hand-picked, custom-made unique pieces. And with each individual piece, the reputation of the company grows. Nothing is too precious, nothing is too exquisite. At the same time, Boucheron opened itself up to a clientele from the so-called demimonde, thus demonstrating an avant-garde tolerance that is particularly appealing to women who break away from the rigid conventions of those times.

Sensuality has remained the key word throughout the years. No matter whether high class or filigree - every piece of jewelry touches the skin, follows the contours of the body and its natural movements. Draped, even intertwined, seemingly woven gold is brought to life, even elaborately crafted pieces of jewelry seem to float as soon as they are worn. Jewelry with flower and feather motifs, the famous question mark necklace, the Reflect watch or the legendary Quatre ring are treasures of everlasting beauty.

In 1988, in homage to the beauty of its wearers, Boucheron created a special jewel: the first fragrance. A new way of capturing desires and expressing the essence of the brand. In addition to the legendary fragrance, in a precious flacon reminiscent of a piece of jewelry, the collection now includes two men's fragrances.

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