Giardino Benessere is entirely within the spirit of nature and physical and spiritual well-being. Unique creations that are not conceived based on traditional fragrances or dependent on social and commercial requirements. They are therapy for spiritual well-being. The Classic Collection embodies the new concept of radical luxury: precious natural essences with great individuality, expressing the oldest, most noble art of perfume. They are lovely when used alone, each with an authentic, unadulterated mood—sublime when mixed, like scents carried by the wind. The Titans Collection recalls the origins of the world and the profound forces that determine nature and its rules. The Titans, primordial creatures of the cosmos, raged before the intervention of Zeus and the gods of Olympus. Today, their power resonates in the sophistication of this collection, with its metallised bottle of great value and uniqueness, the same as the precious jewellery box that contains it and enhances its beauty.

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