Ein Bild von einem Moschino Parfum Visual

Fashion must be fun and must not take itself so seriously. A bit crazy, bizarre, sexy - and always with a provocative message. Franco Moschino loved nothing more than ironic self-dramatization. In 1983, the enfant terrible of the fashion industry founded his company and quickly became known for his typical mix-and-match style. With playful details, elements reminiscent of comics, loving appliqués, feminine frills, hearts, and with many bows, he held up a mirror to the seriousness of the fashion world. And they loved him - especially for his craziness. Even when he parodied classics of great fashion houses in his designs. But despite all his exaltation, Moschino always remained committed to the basic elements of form and design to flatter the figure to the highest degree.

Moschino himself was as provocative and self-ironic as his fashion, he became the role model of his brand and staged each of his shows as a spectacular happening. Since his death in 1994, his former right hand Rosella Tarabini continues his creative work. Still unmistakably Moschino, but her collections bear a more feminine, softer signature - fashion with a twist.

Message in a bottle. Moschino's fragrance creations also follow their own rules and provoke all the senses of their users. Whether in a bottle in the shape of Olivia, the quirky woman of the comic the book heroe Popeye, or in a trendy teddy bear look; all fragrances are unusual, sexy and carefree. And yet classic, feminine and full of allure.

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