Dies ist ein Bild von Montblanc

The snow-covered, majestic peak of the highest elevation in the Alps. An everlasting challenge for man and material. Fascination and stimulus at the same time for masterly craftsmanship, perfection and precision. For more than 100 years, every single product of the company has carried the famous white star as its signature - symbolizing the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc and its six valleys. 

It all began with stylish penmanship. A Hamburg banker and a Berlin engineer recognized the signs of the times and produced a Simplizissimus fountain pen. Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and Claus-Johannes Voss take over the business and lay the foundation for an incomparable company history. 1924 finally - the birth of a myth that has not lost its fascination to this day: the Meisterstück collection, one of the most famous writing instruments in the world, a legend. Still a cult object today for all those who like to take time for the essentials. Those who every now and then reflect on values such as beauty, culture and feelings.

Today, Montblanc no longer stands for fine writing instruments alone, but for a range of exclusive products that meet today's high standards of quality, tradition, craftsmanship, functionality and timeless design: Watches, leather goods, jewelry, eyewear and perfumes.