Ein Bild von einem Memo Collection Parfum Visual

MEMO - the fragrance house from Paris was founded in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John and thus already celebrated its tenth birthday. MEMO Paris understands smells as journey - whose identity develops from the magic places and expression-strong raw materials. The desire for faraway places and encounters is also reflected by the founding couple themselves: She, the poetess from Paris with Catalan roots, he the sporty Irish globetrotter. MEMO stands for memory, for a kind of souvenir, for the echo of an encounter. With its four collections MEMO redraws the world map - very emotional, always full of scents, interesting raw materials and sensual impressions. The motto: " The journey is the destination."

"Les Échappées" is a collection that stops at many places, from chic Bohemian Paris to the heart of Burma. "Cuirs Nomades" explores the sillage of leather notes through five iconic destinations. A journey that leads from Italy to Africa. "Graines Vagabondes" is a completely new approach: it "scatters" scents of cereals and seeds, including sesame - a rarity in perfumery.
"Art Land " finally reveals the very artistic, aesthetic facet of MEMO and pays tribute to mystical places that have been transformed by artistic creations. MEMO is located at Rue Cambon 24 in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

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