English people are eccentric? Yes, my dear! Because who, if not an Englishman, would let himself be accompanied by a bear in his most important, entrepreneurial mission?
Said James Atkinson, a young, energetic man from rural Cumberland, as he set off in his carriage for glamorous London to find his fortune one fine spring day in 1799. In his luggage were recipes for fine fragrances and toiletries and a considerable supply of bear fat balm perfumed with the scent of roses. At his side - a bear, loyal to him, humming to himself. Within days, Atkinson, his extraordinary balm and the bear are equally famous in London's high society and long lines form in front of the 44 Gerard Street store. Everyone wants to stock up on "Meister Petz" for the coming social season.

Today, more than 200 years after the legendary start in London, Atkinsons and his grumpy bear have awoken from hibernation. Rested and full of energy, after all, absolute sense of style, perfect manners, a little eccentricity and British traditions are now more in vogue than ever. Welcome to a new era of perfume snobbery. With new, typically British collections, more daring and irresistible than any creations before. "TRUE STYLE NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT KEEP A GOOD BEAR DOWN."

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