Nobilis c.1225: via Old French, noble, from Latin nobilis, well-known, famous, of superior birth. Meaning
• Distinguished by rank, title or birth
• Above all that is low, mean, or dishonourable
• Illustrious, grand, magnificent
• Of superior quality, sublime, splendid, generous, liberal

NOBILIS - The Noble House of Beauty - took barely any time at all to emerge among connoisseurs as the insiders' tip for luxury and prestige perfumes.

Founded in 1993 with 6 employees, the distributor proved itself from the very beginning to be a trustworthy and successful partner in premium trade - and not just in matters of fragrance. The select portfolio reads like a "Who is who" of the perfume branch: designer labels and exquisite brand names rely on the competence of NOBILIS, the Noble House of Beauty.

NOBILIS plays a major role in promoting the idea of the "First in Beauty Perfumeries" - the secret of its success harboured in the love of perfume and first class counselling and support. The NOBILIS GROUP is also known for the impulses it gives to the luxury product trade sector.

Today Detlef Rughöft, Max Reichenspurner und Thomas Schnitzler manage the successful company that now counts more than 140 employees.