First class scientific know-how combined with the most highly developed and innovative ingredients is the main credo of beauty label 3LAB, which since is foundation in 2007 has been one of the industry leaders in innovative skincare products. The unique and in part newly developed ingredients make way for an entirely new dimension in care. 

The 3LAB development team consists of leading dermatologists and scientists. The team was the first to successfully recreate an active ingredient with the biotechnological development of Nano-Clair GY™, which stimulates the way in which human growth hormone (HGH), essential for all beauty processes, works. For the first time, the aging process was significantly decelerated, even checked. 3LAB has patented the ingredient globally, and as such is the only brand using it. An extraordinary leap for 3LAB, this development highlights the spectacular, innovative expertise of the brand. 

3LAB presents multifunctional, highly effective skincare products, which are distinguished by their high potency and can therefore be described as 'cosmeceuticals'.