Ironic self-dramatization has been the central theme of MOSCHINO since the Italian brand was launched in 1983. The enfant terrible of the fashion industry, whose extraordinary and spectacular fashion shows would come to thrill spectators, designer Franco Moschino was a rebellious dreamer and an opponent of fashion conformity. He has since been transformed into a role model for his brand, and delights in presenting himself as provocative and self-mocking. After Franco Moschino’s death in 1994, his right hand woman in life, Rossella Jardini, brought MOSCHINO’s creative ideas even further. The outrageous signature is unmistakable, with a crazy yet very wearable mix-and-match style of playful details, delightful appliqués, and feminine frills with countless bows. 

MOSCHINO’s tongue-in-cheek attitude to the world of fashion is also reflected in the brand's perfumes. Fragrances from MOSCHINO flirt lightheartedly with conventions. This goes for the golden heart-shaped Olive Oyl, the quirky wife of cartoon hero Popeye, as well as the simply classical fragrances: all of the perfumes are unusual, sexy and carefree.