Once upon a time, back in 1996, there were two creative and confident young women from Pacoima, California, who turned their dreams into reality as they started up the label JUICY COUTURE. And so a modern fairytale was born. Actress Gela Nash-Taylor and milliner Pamela Skaist-Levy had a huge breakthrough with their sexy, tight-fitting jogging suits. In their collection, the finest fabrics, from soft velour to classic cashmere, were combined with feminine style and provocative nonchalance. It was not long before Hollywood stars and other fashionistas alike were queueing up to get their hands on hot JUICY COUTURE items. 

An elegant and delicate perfume soon followed these charming, youthful fashion items: the Do the Dont's. JUICY COUTURE perfumes are ostentatious and stand out. Juicy girls and boys enjoy life to the full and want endless fun; they are cheeky and sophisticated, they break the rules with style, they like things to be casual and love opulent luxury. JUICY COUTURE offers a world full of glamour, fun, and sex appeal. Pam and Gela create fashion and fragrances for true "It" girls and boys.