ETRO, a luxurious Italian label full of fantasy and surprising creativity, was founded in Milan in 1968 by Gimmo Etro. With unusual designs, colorful patterns and a flair for extravagant fashion, ETRO rapidly became a cult label and today embodies an inimitable style, always with the most meticulous focus on the highest quality. 

In 1989, a selection of exquisite perfumes was added to ETRO’s range of luxury items, which already included exclusive fashion and premium quality home accessories. The brand’s typical mix of the finest of materials and its predilection for outrageous patterns and colors have also inspired the famous ETRO perfume concept, available since March 2009 in black and white Paisley. The exquisite perfume creations evoke a fascinating, unequaled world of fragrance. Just like music, paintings or colors, for ETRO, perfume symbolizes emotions, moods and sensations. Therefore, ETRO has developed a color concept so that every fragrance is allocated a particular color aura, and that way, the perfume connoisseur can constantly experience new fragrance impressions - as the whim sways them.