ELIZABETH ARDEN is the name that Florence Nightingale Graham (1878-1916) gave herself when she discovered her vocation for beauty at the turn of the century. A visionary way ahead of her time, she created revolutionary products that still today represent a certain zeitgeist appealing women. 

The story began in 1910, with a small cosmetics salon on New York's famous 5th Avenue. With considerable aptitude and assertiveness, ELIZABETH ARDEN soon led her company to the pinnacle of the world of beauty, with the famous Red Door as the company’s trademark. Passionate and untiring in her commitment to quality and perfection, she only introduced products she believed in doubtlessly - from the basic ingredients all the way through to the packaging.

In 2010, this legendary brand will mark its great history with 100 years in the business. For many years, Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been the exclusive face of the brand, representing it with considerable personal style, elegance and panache.  

Famous perfume classics such as 5th Avenue, Red Door, Green Tea and Sunflowers represent the ELIZABETH ARDEN brand and reflect the many desires of the modern woman.