Founded in England in 1760 by James Henry CREED, this perfume house soon rose to fame at the English Court. With the rarest and most sumptuous essences, Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie, Franz-Josef and Elizabeth of Austro-Hungary, as well as Queen Christina of Spain soon fell under the spell of these distinctive fragrances. Beautifully composed, they are characterized by their highly inimitable quality, and that way, the perfumery rapidly acquired its extraordinary reputation as the Parfumier to Kings. Today, the fragrances of the CREED brand are considered among the classics. 

Looking back on more than 200 years of a family business in the art of perfume, CREED has been based in Paris since 1854. Over the years, the CREED family has created more than two hundred perfumes, each one a special and unique jewel, characterised by the highest standards of craftsmanship and professional expertise.

CREED - de père en fils - the art of perfume passed on from father to son; the royalty of perfumes. Every discerning connoisseur of perfume finds their own private CREED, which surrounds them with an exceptional, charismatic aura.