The idea that eventually culminated in BOND No. 9 came about when French-born perfume expert and adopted New Yorker Laurice Rahmé began a journey of olfactory discovery in her second home. She wanted to dedicate her own perfume collection to the city of New York.  Creating a series of individual fragrances, her goal was to evoke the dreams, aspirations, secrets and energies that flow through the city that never sleeps. She went on to recreate scenic parts of the city, lively streets and multicultural squares, making up an extraordinary olfactory sightseeing tour of Manhattan – and within an incredibly short space of time, the project had become a beauty industry success story. 

More than 30 different fragrances in original bottles, some of which are created by artists, delight and inspire her fans worldwide. Very quickly, these scents have turned into highly sought-after collector's items and rewritten contemporary history – all the while still bringing the neighborhoods of New York into focus, with all their diverse and vivid aspects.  

Inspired by the art of perfume of the 1920s and 1930s, the incredibly modern aura of BOND No. 9 fragrances is completely captivating. Extremely long-lasting, thanks to the high quality of the ingredients, these perfumes promise a very special, luxurious sensory experience.